Universal pump-compressor stations (UPCS)

Models: SPV-120/20, SPV-120/20В, SPV-200/40, SPV-200/40В, SPV-0/45, SPV-0/45В, SPV-0/150

Universal pump-compressor stations (UPCS) are designed for pumping (charging, evacuating, recovery) clean (pure, virgin) liquefied gases, on pressure from 0 to 38 bar, and are manufactured in accordance with TС 3632-012- 85505701-2016. The stations are made based on oil-free compressors (have passed patent protection), piston pumps (pump units), as well as combinations thereof.

The main advantages of Universal pump-compressor stations (UPCS), models: SPV- 120/20(V), SPV-200/40(V), SPV-0/45(V) and SPV-0/150(V) - are pumping clean liquefied gases, recovery the gas (vapor) phase, which in most cases is considered a loss (non- pump residue); individuality of equipment execution (construction), an application of high- quality materials and components, strict control at each stage of the production process and hand assemblage, which reduces the level of manufacture defects, increases the reliability and performance characteristics of final product.

Universal pump-compressor stations (UPCS) can be useful in small-scale production complexes go info using or packing (pumping /charging /filling) of pure liquefied gases or pure gas mixtures. This equipment will also provide irreplaceable support to any wholesale customer or to enterprises, which provide the service maintenance of fire- extinguishing systems.