Pump-compressor stations of own production. Service for refrigeration, climatic equipment, fire protection systems.
  • Realization of specific tasks
  • Selection of optimal solutions
  • Support at each stage



GC RSS operates in the sphere of providing and servicing enterprises of agro-industrial, food, chemical, electro-technical, machine-building, metalworking and shipbuilding sectors.

For state and commercial organizations, individual entrepreneurs, production corporations, holdings, the GC RSS are ready to provide reliable support:

  • In material and technical maintenance of compressed gases (organic compounds, hydrocarbons) and high-quality refrigerants (freons) - liquefied gases and liquids, widely used as cooling agents in industrial and domestic refrigeration units and air conditioners; sprays (propellants) in aerosol cans; poroformers (foaming agents) in the production of a number of building materials (foams and polyurethane foams); fire extinguishing agents; inert solvents; reagents for dry etching in the manufacture of integrated circuits; cleaning and degreasing agents; synthesizing components of fluoromonomers - both domestic and imported;
  • In the sphere of safe use of containers (vessels working under pressure) for liquefied and compressed gases - cylinders, barrels, special containers; test repair and survey, as well as the necessary certification of packaging;
  • In packaging (pumping, filling, loading, charging, discharging, evacuating) of liquefied and compressed gases, their regeneration, recovery, cleaning and disposal;
  • In service (technical) maintenance and modernization of refrigeration, freezing, climatic, metalworking and fire fighting equipment;
  • In the processing and fertilization of agricultural land (introduction of ammonia into the soil);
  • In an independent verification of the quality of gases, oils and other auxiliary materials;
  • In the reduction of costs for the use of liquefied and compressed gases by providing for the use of universal pump-compressor units (sections, stations) of its own production for pumping (discharging, evacuating) without losses, or pre-bundling of existing capacities with such equipment.

The map of the main partners, both producers and consumers, covers almost the whole world. Partners providing full support located in Russia, the countries of the Customs Union, Asia, Europe and the West. Manufacturers of liquefied and compressed gases, rubber products, oils, lubricants, auxiliary materials, cylinders working under pressure and various types of packaging; expert organizations; accredited laboratories, as well as many other trade and manufacturing companies with which work is being done, contribute to the improvement of the quality of the offered service.

The list of goods and services is not exhaustive. Innovative developments are carried out in the spheres of production of special-purpose rubber products, biologically active substances and in other areas that allow to significantly expand the list of products and offered solutions.

Main mission GC RSS is to helping to find an optimal solution to grow businesses cost-effectively. To realize this mission and strategic goals have developed and use the following principles:

The human factor. The company's success depends on each participant, from understanding the degree of importance of personal contribution to its development and business development, in which he participates, whether he is an employee of the company, its customer or the supplier. We respect and encourage the self-criticism, enthusiasm, openness, optimism, ability to accept, forgive and remediate the mistakes, as well as the desire to work as a team.

Honesty. To achieve the goal of "quality at the best price" has been created and applied special business-scheme. Each batch passes double quality control in compliance with Russian Standards or subjected to scrutiny for compliance with international standards, given its particular use for each segment, industry or application. Through continuous monitoring, long-term guarantees on purchases, as well as a large volume of purchased goods, we get the best terms and prices. Affordable prices for bulk purchases under the "price - quality" - our strong competitive advantage.

Awareness. Timely awareness of all the participants helps to quality of exchange, both in terms of financial savings, as well as in terms of development in the adoption of alternative solutions, which aid to significantly increase the efficiency of interaction. We strive to unite our forces to achieve the best results of this interchange.

Individual approach to each client, selection of optimal operating conditions, the cooperation with reliable partners in all necessary related areas, as well as the experience, qualification and available technical capabilities allow us to fulfill all obligations in time and maintain stable prices.

We are modern and open company that seeks to follow terms of reality, high principles of morality, ethics and professionalism in relationships with employees, customers, partners and society.





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